2.2.6 Be eligible to hold an office of the AdCom.

2.3 Membership Resignations and Termination:

2.3.1 A member may resign by giving notice, in writing, to the Society Secretary. Prepaid dues are not refundable.

2.3.2 Membership shall be terminated for failure to pay dues, as specified in Section 7.3.3 of these Bylaws.

2.3.3 A member may be removed from membership for conduct deemed to bring disrepute or improper representation of the Society or its members. Such removal shall require a unanimous vote by the AdCom. In such cases, prepaid dues are not refundable, and such person(s) may be denied access to Society activities, at the discretion of the AdCom. Such a decision of the AdCom may be

appealed by the member to the AdCom for further consideration.

3 Administrative Committee:  The Constitution, Article V provides for the Administrative Committee (AdCom). Article VI, provides details on the nomination, election and filling of within-term vacancies of AdCom members.

3.1 The AdCom may vote vacant the position of any AdCom member who misses three consecutive meetings of the AdCom or is unable to perform their prescribed duties as defined in the Constitution

and Bylaws. Attendance may be made in person or via telecommunications.

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