3.2 An annual meeting of the AdCom shall be called by the President, normally for the month of January, and may be combined with a Regular Technical Meeting.

3.3 Robert's Rules of Order (Revised) shall govern conduct of AdCom meetings. They may be suspended by a majority vote of the AdCom.

4 Elections:  Article V, of the Constitution, provides that all officials of the Society shall be elected by members in good standing.

4.1 Nominating Committee:  The Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the AdCom, before the end of the second quarter of each year, to prepare a list of nominees. It shall have a chairperson and a minimum of one other member of the Society. None of the members of the Nominating Committee may seek to be nominated or elected to an AdCom  position, while they serve as a Nominating Committee member.

4.1.1 A slate of names to fill the forthcoming vacancies of the elected positions of the AdCom, nominally two names for each elected office, shall be prepared by the Nominating Committee. A recommendation for such nominees shall be solicited by the Nominating Committee from the membership.

4.1.2 The chairperson of the Nominating Committee shall cause to be published, no less than 10 days prior to the September Regular Technical meeting, a call for nominations. This may be an independent mailing or combined in a timely newsletter.

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