4.1.3 During the September Regular Technical meeting the following shall occur:

  (a)  Nominating Committee Report

  (b)  Last Call for nominations

4.1.4 Members nominating a candidate shall notify the Nominating Committee prior to the October Regular Technical meeting. Additional, and final nominees will be accepted and announced at the October Meeting. It is the responsibility of the nominating Committee to ascertain the willingness of the prospective

nominee to serve the Society.

4.2 Nominees:  A nominee shall be a member in good standing. Nominees shall not accept a nomination for more than one position. Nominees may nominate themselves.

4.3 Election: The Nominating Committee shall prepare ballots and mail them to the Society membership no later than 10 days after the October Regular Technical meeting. The ballots shall indicate that they must be returned before, or at, the November Regular Technical meeting to be counted.

4.3.1 At the November Regular Technical meeting, the Nominating Committee will count the ballots and transmit the results to the presiding officer of the AdCom.

4.3.2 At the November Regular Technical meeting, the chairperson of the Nominating Committee shall declare those candidates having a plurality of votes to be elected. Ties shall be broken by the AdCom. An elected member shall be present, or have a representative present, to accept the office. If an elected member fails to accept the office, the candidate receiving the next highest number of votes will be certified elected.

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